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Loans and Mortgages


Farmers Exchange Bank NMLS #811350

We service our loans locally

Mortgage Loans

  • Fixed Rate Conventional (Primary & Secondary Residences)

  • ARM / Balloon Mortgage Products

  • Rental / Investment Property Financing

  • Construction Loans (**You won’t beat our service**)

  • Land Financing

  • Home Equity Lines of Credit


Personal Loans

  • Automobile Financing (New & Used)

  • Boat / ATV / Snowmobile Financing

  • Personal Lines of Credit


Business Loans      

  • Financing to purchase a business

  • Financing to start your own business

  • Business Lines of Credit



To start your loan inquiry, stop in or call:


Neshkoro:     (920) 293-4319   Mary Krause,  Loan Officer NMLS #395258       



Redgranite:   (920) 566-2202   Tony Smyrneos, President NMLS #509415




Take Advantage of Record Low Interest Rates

Tips for First Time Homebuyers:

With interest rates at record lows, many consumers are looking to buy their first home or refinance the loan on their current house. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll make during your lifetime, and it's not a simple task. Spend time preparing before you choose a mortgage product and sign on the dotted line. Here are few tips to make your road to owner less bumpy:


1. Create a housing budget. Knowing how much you're able to spend on your home puts you in a better position when shopping around for interest rates. In general, housing costs (including property taxes, utilities, maintenance and homeowners insurance) should not be more than 28 percent of your pretax income. If you can afford it, negotiate for a larger down payment or a shorter loan term to reduce overall interest costs.

2. Review your credit. Verify that you don't have any errors on your credit report before you apply for a mortgage. If your credit score is lower than you'd like, work on lowering your debt ratio to compensate. This number is the percentage of your income that goes toward repaying debt each month. A lower debt ratio usually results in a lower interest rate for loans.

3. Get pre-approved. To improve your changes at getting a lower interest rate on your mortgage, ask your bank to pre-approve you first. A free service at most banks, loan pre-approval will boost your credibility with real estate agents and sellers because it shows you're able to get financing and are serious about buying a house. It will also make the process of applying for your mortgage faster, especially if you obtain the loan from the same bank that pre-approved you for credit.


Many of these tips also apply for consumers looking to use today's low interest rates to refinance a current mortgage. Whatever your ownership status, these tips can help you walk out of the bank with a great rate and the keys to a new home.


846 N. Main St.

P.O. Box 197

Neshkoro, WI 54960

Phone (920) 293-4319

Fax (920) 293-4860

300 E. Bannerman Ave.

P.O. Box 130

Redgranite, WI 54970

Phone (920) 566-2202

Fax (920) 566-2206

W7452 State Rd. 21 & 73

P.O. Box 867

Wautoma, WI 54982

Phone (920) 787-4050

Fax (920) 787-4070